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Telehealth launched at Castle Hill Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy Telehealth Consultation

In these uncertain times, rest assured Castle Hill Hand Therapy is here to support you. Your health and well being is my priority. I strongly believe that early and consistent treatment will achieve the best outcome for your hand and upper limb concerns. Last week I launched hand physio online as I want to continue to offer the hand therapy services you require.


Recently started working or learning from home?

Get the right advice to ensure your office is appropriately set up to manage or prevent any upper limb pain. I can provide you with exercises, stretches, breaks and information to keep you safe and increase your productivity.


Playing your musical instrument more often than before?

I can assess your posture and positioning with hand physio online and provide advice on practice strategies to enhance your enjoyment and performance.


Have more time to sort out some long standing hand, wrist, or elbow issues?

Whilst we are in the times of social isolation, we can connect online and manage that troublesome area. Together we can commence and upgrade your exercise program to improve your strength, flexibility, comfort and improve your ability to function.


To support all patients needing hand therapy, I started offering Telehealth consultations last week to my current patients and am opening this up to any new patients requiring appointments. The video conferencing appointments are conducted via your desktop, laptop or mobile device in the comfort of your own home or workplace. The Telehealth platform is provided by an Australian company who are the first to design a platform specifically for online Telehealth consultations. There is no downloading software or apps, you just click on a link from the email I send you at your chosen time and we start the hand therapy session.


Telehealth facilitates an accurate and quality assessment from a experienced hand therapist over a secure health video link, whether you are self isolating, social distancing or just prefer the convenience of staying where you are. The Telehealth session will mirror a normal consultation, with discussion, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and planning. Telehealth consultations are not reimbursed by Private Health Insurance, so I am providing a reduced rate to ensure you are not out of pocket. Workers Compensation Insurers have approved Telehealth consultations.


Telehealth may not be suitable for all patients, it will depend on the assessment and treatment needed. I am happy to discuss your situation over the phone with you to make the best decision for your health and recovery together. You can book appointments for Telehealth or face to face treatments online.


Stay safe and well,


Belinda Hession

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