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Broken Wrist?
Need a waterproof cast?

An automatic reaction when falling is to put out your hand to stop the fall. This can result in a broken wrist, more specifically, a fractured radius. Your treating doctor will review your X-ray and recommend the best treatment option for you. Your fracture may be treated with a plaster or synthetic cast.


The team at Castle Hill Hand Therapy are very experienced at applying both waterproof and non-waterproof casts.


Synthetic casts have a waterproof lining that allows you to swim and shower. These casts enable you to rinse them daily to keep your skin clean and to eliminate odour and itching. The casts are comfortable and strong. They assist in making it easier for you to function whilst your bone is healing.


Hand Therapy:

After applying your cast, your hand therapist will provide you with exercises to regain or maintain movement in your free joints and to prevent stiffness. Your hand therapist will advise you regarding cast care and activity levels.


Following removal of the cast by your hand therapist, exercises to regain wrist range of motion will be prescribed. A strengthening program will also be provided.


Goal of Hand Therapy:

The main goal of hand therapy is to support your wrist to allow the fracture to heal and then to restore your movement and strength to return you to function as you did before the injury.


Contact Castle Hill Hand Therapy today or make a booking online for advice or to discuss your casting requirements. We are keen to help you.


Jane Smith


AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist

Certified Hand Therapist

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