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Ball hit finger playing sport?
What is a finger avulsion fracture?

Have you sustained an avulsion fracture of a finger joint whilst playing sport?  These injuries are common in ball sports when there has been an impact between a finger and the ball; such as netball, AFL, basketball or cricket.


The finger will swell and may become bruised, making it difficult to move and perform your usual tasks.


Your hand therapist will assess the injury, provide advice and make a treatment plan for you. An X-ray can also be arranged by your hand therapist.



An orthosis/splint can be custom made to reduce your pain and provide comfort and support for the finger. This can usually be removed for showering and hand washing. Your orthosis may need to be adjusted as your swelling reduces. Other splinting options include custom made buddy straps.  Your hand therapist will advise you on the best option for your injury.


Swelling management:

Swelling control is important for your comfort and regaining movement. Your hand therapist may offer massage or compression bandaging.



Your hand therapist will provide you with an exercise program to prevent stiffness whilst the fracture is healing. These exercises will be upgraded as healing occurs.  A strengthening program will be commenced once the fracture is healed.



Light activity is recommenced whilst the avulsion fracture is healing. Strong gripping should be avoided.


Goal of Hand Therapy:

The main goal of hand therapy is to achieve a stable finger joint and healed fracture which allows you to move and function as you did before your injury.


If you have sustained an injury to your finger whilst playing sport, contact Castle Hill Hand Therapy today to make an appointment with Jane or Belinda.


Jane Smith


AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist

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