Castle Hill Hand Therapy


Castle Hill Hand Therapy provides one-on-one treatments and offers same day appointments.

You can book online with both face to face and online video consultations available.

You always see the same therapist to ensure your specific goals and needs are met.

Your hands really matter…
they need specific assessment and treatment

Your session will involve a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, thorough education and a personalised treatment plan, including a home exercise program.

Belinda’s goal is to return her patients to the things they love to do.

Your hands are essential for function…
opt for individualised, tailored therapy

Care is provided for any condition related to the upper limb, that is the hand, wrist, elbow and upper arm. The most common conditions treated include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, finger and wrist sprains or breaks, thumb arthritis, mallet finger, tennis elbow, and after surgery.


Belinda is here to help you get back to your hobbies, work and sports.

Your hands do everything …
invest in the best management

Custom made splints and waterproof casts are made during the consultation.  Exercise programs are specifically designed and tailored to improve function. Belinda has shown proficiency in injury related swelling management.


After surgery or an injury, hand therapists provide scar management and wound care.  Desensitisation and sensory retraining programs help with nerve problems. Education and advice is provided for the individual requirements.

Don’t delay,
the best and fastest results
arise from early appointments

For an

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