Castle Hill Hand Therapy

Online Video Consultations
Why are they great for you?

Online video consultations are here to stay. They are proving to be safe, convenient, timely and effective.


Castle Hill Hand Therapy provides a high quality assessment and successful treatment online ensuring you achieve timely and maximal results. Rest assured, Belinda has performed hundreds of online consultations, with excellent results and great feedback.


Be warned, this is not a phone chat/meeting with a coffee! Each session with Belinda is targeted to improve your symptoms and performance of your desired activities. Belinda will ask lots of questions, listen, assess the quality and amount of your movement, and guide you with further assessment. Belinda will understand your pain, target your problem areas and provide you with treatment strategies to see positive results.


Online video consultations, also known as telehealth, as provided by Belinda are:



Easy – No downloading of software. Simply click on the link from your email.


Private – Secure telehealth platform, not zoom or skype.


Secure – Compliant with government regulations, data encrypted, no recording


Australian – Platform founded in 2016 by Australia’s top computer scientists & engineers


Safe – Contactless, no travel required, no risk to you or your family


Accessible – Works on any device and on all major browsers


Convenient – Face to face, but from your lounge room, study or the office at work


Enhanced – Maximal time spent with you. Not shortened to reduce face to face contact


Flexible – Better to review your home office, how you lift the baby or hold the dog lead


Timely – Ensures essential care and treatment despite COVID-19 lockdowns/restrictions


Effective – Treatment progressions and upgrades provided following your assessment


Welcoming – Family members who cannot attend in clinic are welcome to participate


Cost saving – Full treatment times provided at a reduced rate as no screening/cleaning


Mask free – Great to see your face without a mask to develop rapport and gain feedback


Endorsed – Approved by private health insurers, workers compensation, third party provider, Medicare and DVA. You can claim your physiotherapy rebates.



But what about therapy equipment and splints I hear you ask. Belinda posts or provides contactless delivery of the required devices following your appointment, and even some equipment in the lead up to your next appointment if required.


Take control of your condition and contact Belinda today on 88973571 for your online video consultation. Don’t wait until things are “back to normal”. Make sure you are recovering to be your best now.




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